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Invincible. [Oct. 18th, 2009|04:24 am]
The two warriors stopped on the side of the road and after a lengthy introduction and a respectful bow, they drew their swords.

No time was wasted as each drew in a breath attacked with a single swing. The two blades never met, but one struck true. A farmer who was too afraid to move during the duel carefully walked up to the victor.

"My my, when I saw the two of you meet I have to admit I expected a much more exciting fight. But it seems he was no match for you at all." he said.

The warrior slowly turned and looked at the farmer a moment then back to the body of his fallen foe. "No," he said as he drew a cloth along the sword, wiping away the blood. "He was probably the most skilled warrior I've ever faced."

After noticing the farmers confusion the warrior continued, "His form, his stance, his timing...were all flawless. He was a master. In fact if you asked of me who was the more skilled of the two of us, I'd say HE was."

The farmer paused a moment, "but you killed him so quickly, how did you do it?"

Sheathing his sword the warrior gazed off down the road, "a very slight difference in technique. One that he had probably never seen before in his life."

"Ahhh...," the farmer smiled with understanding, "so your style must be the superior one."

"No." the warrior spoke. "My technique was superior in this fight. There are many approaches to the sword I have never seen, the next time it may be myself who loses. You see my friend, NO ONE...is invincible."

As the warrior gathered his things and began to walk away the farmer began to slowly scratch his head. After a moment he called out to the warrior, "Well then if that's all there is to it, what's the point of dueling at all?!"

The warrior never turned but the farmer could feel his slight smile.

"You've already learned more than that man ever will."